A range of available features

IGFalcon Features

IGFalcon has so many features which become very helpful to grow your account.

Design & Layout

An insane amount of readymade templates available according to every occasion to gel in with the theme and a ton of other options available to give professional touches to your images.

Video Feature

Share videos instantly or schedule them to be posted in the future will help you in making better marketing strategy.

Story Feature

Using this feature you can publish or schedule your stories without any hassle.

Tagging Feature

You can tag other users to attract their attentions and increase your post engagement and gain new followers.

Automatic Following

Will follow accounts relevant to your niche on 100 percent autopilot and grow your account.

Automatic Likes

This feature will likes posts according to your given guidance to increase your account’s engagement and attract new followers.

Automatic Unfollow

If you ignite this feature, it will unfollow all the people that don’t follow you back or even unfollow all of the people that you have followed 100 percent automated.

Brand Name Following And Likes

Select a brand name and it will only follow accounts that are following the brand name that you have specified and will only like posts that are about your selected brand name.

Keyword Following & Likes

Will only follow accounts that come in the category of your selected keyword and will only like posts that have your selected keyword in them.

HashTags Suggestion Feature

Help you in finding most trending hashtags relevant to your niche and help to make your post viral.

Location Based Following And Likes

Select your desired location and the software will only follow accounts according to your selected location and will like posts according to your selected location.

Shortener Service

With a branded link, you can edit the destination URL at a later date- so for all you Instagrammers who need to share a link in your profile, your lives are about to get a lot simpler!

Best Time to Post

Calculating the best time to post on Instagram for your account hasn’t been an easy process…until now. The feature enables you to track the most rushed time for posting and attracting great amount of audience.


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