Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

1IGFalcon. What's that?
IGFalcon provides full automation of follow, unfollow and likes on your behalf. Our service starts performance smoothly according to the limits of Instagram. The system is picking up speed during a few days. To reach your target audience, you need to create the right promos. We have 3 strategies of promotion: - hashtags - location - username IGFalcon provides the most exact targeting on the market as it’s based on AI technology. It enables targeting by hashtags that your TA uses, by the location which they use in posts and the list of usernames that you make (that can be your competitors, for instance).
2Why it is important to remove low efficient targets?
Every 1-2 weeks we recommend you to change or just remove targets (hashtags, usernames and locations) from statistics that have low efficiency.
3IGFalcon tool set?
IGFalcon provides following smart tools which help you to grow your Instagram account:

1. Autopilot Tool

Promotion by auto like/ follow/ unfollow with targeting by hashtags, location and username.

2. Publisher Tool

Images, Vidoes and stories planner at scheduled time.

3. Post designer Tool

To give a professional touch to your post and allow you to get benefit from Instagram grid layout.

3. URL Shortener Tool

For your Instagram account Bio it will create short URL of your website and allow you to track your website visitors from Instagram promotion.

4. Best Time to Post

This feature enables you to track the most engaged time for posting and attracting great amount of audience.

5. Hashtag Suggestion Tool

This tool will help you in finding most trending hashtags relevant to your niche and make your post viral.

4After changing search targets why system stop?
In case you change your targets there may be small delays in promotion (about 6-12 hours). So don’t worry, the system just needs to rearrange.
5Why some time it seems to slow?
IGFalcon emulates a real person behavior, that’s why it makes intended breaks and night pauses in order to provide a stable work with Instagram. For achieving the better results we recommend to set your real timezone in your account settings.
Moreover IGFalcon based on AI technology and using automatic speed in order to provide maximum protection & performance. Using automatic option system automatically switching between different speeds.
6Can I use Instagram account manually from mobile while IGFalcon is runing?
No, it is not recommended, but if you need to make some actions in your Instagram manually you’d better do that when your account is in the rest mode or you fist pause IGFalcon autopilot and then go with manual actions so it not interrupt the work of our service & protect your Instagram account.


Why customers loves us?

Our customers get stick with us because of our all in one AI powered feature tool, compatible prices and good customer support, plus they experience real Instagram growth.

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