IGFALCON founded in 2018 by a team of Instagram marketing experts, because of the mounting demand for Instagram marketing.


As Instagram shot to fame a couple of years ago and businesses, celebrities, and other prominent identities realized the reach potential of Instagram, so did the demand of expert Instagram marketing agencies to get them to the top.

We started receiving more orders than we could fulfill and it was literally impossible to rely on all manual work now.


That’s why we noted down a list of all the major practices that we carry out for each of our clients to reach their desired goals and decided to make a software aimed to do all the manual work our experts used to do with simple campaign settings that even a newbie could adapt to and gain awesome results.

The solution was named IGFALCON and it did wonders for us, as we were able to do much more work that wouldn’t have been possible if there was no autonomous solution.

Change in business structure

After cherishing massive success, we decided to move ahead from an Instagram marketing agency to an autonomous solutions firm. So that’s why we have opened the gates of this amazing tool for the public.

So that other agencies or solo persons can use this technology and get great results and serve more clients than ever.

Our objectives

  • Make constant updates to IGFalcon to make it relevant for every era.
  • Take care of our customers and provide them with dedicated support.
  • Take in notice the demands of our customers and modify IGFalcon accordingly.

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